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Alex Blagg

My name is Alex Blagg. I am a son, father, and contractor. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado. I was born into a family of contractors. I began working with my family at the age of 10 and have been in the construction industry ever since. I have been in the solar industry for over three years, and the amount of people that I've helped save substantially on their electricity bill will never be enough. Solar is something I firmly believe in, and want you to have easy access to the best prices, and customer service available. I am very lucky to have built such an amazing company and group of people to work with. Outside of my work life, my entire world revolves around my son Carlo. I am very fortunate to be so involved in all that he does, like coach his sports teams. I take him everywhere that I can; the gym, golf course, and even work sometimes. I take great pride in all that I do, I have been called a perfectionist. I know that nothing is perfect, but I also know you can wake up every day and "Be Better".

Why AX CO Solar?


By creating your own electricity from a renewable and green energy source like solar power, you are no longer depending on the utility company to constantly power your home. If you finance your solar system, you will also have locked-in low rates and no longer be victim to utility rate increases. You can kiss you ultra-high FPL bill goodbye!


Generate your own renewable energy instead of renting your electricity from your utility company. With zero down financing, your new solar payment can meet or beat your current electric bill, which means you save money starting day one!


Customers that purchase a solar system are able to to take advantage of the 30% Investment Tax Credit. A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income taxes that you would be paying to the Federal Government. 


Investing in a solar system has proven it can be a more reliable and substantial return than investing in the stock market. Investing in a solar power system instead of renting your electricity is much like purchasing a house instead of renting a dwelling. When you sign up for your free solar evaluation we will provide you with a recommendation that outlines your ROI.


Reduce your carbon footprint by generating your own alternative energy right on the roof of your solar home. The average size solar system that we install reduces approximately 21,500 lbs of C02 emissions each year (That’s like preventing 10,500 lbs of coal from being burned)!

Why AX CO Roofing?


Along with our competitive pricing, we offer multiple financing options that are tailored to meet the needs of every customer. Many of our programs require no money down and our goal is to make your solar loan payment meet or beat your current FPL bill.


We are a family owned business, owned and operating in Pueblo, Colorado. As a local business in Southern Colorado, we treat all our customers as though they were our family and always aim to have a positive impact on our community.


Since Ax Co Solar & Roofing was established in 2018, we have maintained high customer satisfaction and great reviews through various organizations. Our company values of hard work, quality work and honesty, separate us as a leader in the solar and roofing industry.


We pride ourselves on our involvement in the solar industry. With all of our certifications and memberships, we can stay up to date on the newest and most innovative products in this rapidly changing industry.